Kevon Looney has become the odd man out

In an unfortunate turn of events, Kevon Looney’s future with the Golden State Warriors is in question as he is now the odd man out.

Last year, Kevon Looney delivered an inspiring performance for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. He battled through injuries and served as an anchor for all of the Dubs’ defensive efforts. His persistence gave us reason to believe Looney would be a longterm member of the franchise. But now, Looney might be the odd man out on the roster.

Looney appeared in only 20 games this season, missing much of the year due to a hip injury. This is a devastating blow for a player who has had a history of hip and pelvic issues. Though he is only 23 years old, his health is definitely a concern moving forward.

This is unfortunate, as the Warriors are desperate for experienced players to compete alongside their core of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. While Looney is younger than most, he has been with the team for over five years and has built up a level of chemistry and comfort with the star trio.

Looney is also the only true center listed on the roster. Marquese Chriss is rumored to be the Dubs projected started next year but he is undersized at 6’6″. Of course, Draymond Green has played minutes at the five as well but the team will need a bigger player for depth purposes.

Because of this, James Wiseman has become one of the Warriors prime 2020 NBA Draft targets. Wiseman is a massive center with a bulky frame and exceptional shot-blocking abilities. Wiseman would be a natural fit with the Dubs and a potential replacement for Looney.

The factor that makes Looney the most expendable is his value as a trade asset. The Warriors will want to take full advantage of their $17 million dollar trade exception and Looney is the most likely player to be included in deals. A package of Looney and a future second round pick in exchange for Rudy Gay has already been talked about by sources close to the team.

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Looney has been a loyal contributor to the franchise for years but might find himself playing for another team by the start of next season.

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