Something very special could be brewing with Tyler Herro

Miami Heat rookie sharpshooter, Tyler Herro, has hit the ground running in the NBA restart scrimmages. There may be something special brewing with the Heat pup.

The Miami Heat are off to what I could only categorize as a successful beginning to their restart. While three of the guys tested positive for the coronavirus in Derrick Jones Jr., Bam Adebayo, and Kendrick Nunn, only Nunn and Bam were forced to miss time due to the positive tests.

With both Adebayo and Nunn in Orlando now, Nunn suited up and played in his normal role in the Heat’s most recent scrimmage game versus the Utah Jazz, the second of three such contests. Bam Adebayo didn’t play on Saturday, but it was encouraging to see him in the bench area it appeared, while he will hopefully suit up in their final scrimmage of the restart on Tuesday afternoon.

After winning their first scrimmage game against the Sacramento Kings, the Miami Heat did drop their second one to the Utah Jazz, but that was ok though. They showed more than enough and still had a chance to win the game, again without Bam Adebayo who just arrived and Jimmy Butler, who sat out of the game for rest you would assume.

With all that on the table though, what other kinds of revelations or new observations have there been from the Miami Heat, one might ask?

Well, a ton I am sure but there is one that has me more interested than any other at the moment and it revolves around Tyler Herro.

The Miami Heat have what it takes to go on a run in the playoffs. Tyler Herro might be a key part of such a run if he keeps going the way he has.

Tyler Herro has been a sparkplug in both of the scrimmage games, attacking the paint and hunting his outside shot at will. You also like the fact that he either personally took on or has really accepted the challenge of someone, likely Coach Spo, of expanding the playmaking aspects of his game.

On top of the professional scorer in training that he has looked like at times throughout this season, he seems to be looking to attack or set up defenders in order to create for others a bit more at the moment. Again, we are not sure what the root of it all is but we sure do like what we are seeing.

I mean, whether it be the injury before the suspension, the suspension itself, or simply the natural curve in his development within the Miami Heat organization, this could be massive and vital moving forward. What we are saying is that Tyler Herro may be in the midst of brewing something special for the Miami Heat.

Not to put too much on it, but the way he has appeared in the scrimmages and with such a short eight-game span of contests to contend in before the postseason begins, Herro looks primed to potentially be one of those types of guys in the playoffs for the Miami Heat.

Every season, whether that be in the NBA playoffs or the NCAA’s March Madness you have a guy that comes out of nowhere or plays above their head to help their team go on a massive run. It wouldn’t be “out of nowhere” or “above” Herro’s head so to speak here, because he simply has the goods, but it would be sort of like that in a way because we haven’t seen him in playoff situations before and rookies aren’t expected to be able to do that there at that moment.

That has been the thing with Herro though since he was drafted, his belief in himself. I tend to prescribe to this notion, I’m not cocky, I’m confident and Tyler Herro embodies that notion.

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When you combine that knowledge of the player with what you know he can do and what you have seen thus far in the restart, it really isn’t that crazy of a thought to think that he could potentially be a Miami Heat X-factor in the playoffs. That’s why I believe that something very special could be brewing with the Heat’s Tyler Herro.

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