What Dombrowski’s firing means for Betts

(Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB via Getty Images)

Mookie Betts is facing free agency after next season, but without a president of baseball operations, what does it mean for him and the Boston Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox just fired their head of baseball operations 9 months after they were having a parade. That is a very strong move when it has been less than a year after the last championship.

But it is a very simple answer to this question: Why was Dave Dombrowski fired?

Because he was spending a lot of money but wasn’t delivering results any longer.

We have to remember it was Dombrowski who brought in Alex Cora to lead the club on the field to another World Series.

But it must have been bad in Boston if ownership decided to pull the plug after midnight, and there is no press conference to discuss it.

Now, there are good reasons to why the Red Sox let Dombrowski go. As I wrote, he made an emotional decision to extend Nathan Eovaldi after his heroic performance in the World Series. It also does not help that Chris Sale hasn’t been an ace this year after signing the five-year deal in Spring Training.

With that said, the firing of Dave Dombrowski is not going to help Mooke Betts stay in Boston long-term.

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