Wish List No. 2, Dante Pettis

Next on my wish list is Dante Pettis, who makes the list due to his elite footwork, route running, and ability after the catch.

In the first article of the series, we took a look at why Nick Chubb made my 2019 fantasy football wish list. Here in the second article, let’s turn our attention to another second-year player, Dante Pettis.

Pettis was a bit overlooked by many in the fantasy football community last year, and many saw the receiver out of Washington as little more than a glorified special-teams player. When San Francisco grabbed him in the second round of the draft, many thought it was a reach.

However, for others like talent scout Matt Waldman, the 49ers nailed the pick. Waldman had Pettis rated as the top wide receiver in the entire 2018 draft. In this article we want to explore what Waldman saw that so many others missed, and what we should expect from Pettis during his sophomore season.

Luckily for fantasy players reading this article, many are still unaware of how good Pettis was as a rookie last year. He popped in a major way, but he stayed under the radar due to injuries.

He got injured early in the season with a knee sprain, and that injury kept him out or affected him for the next seven games. By the time he got back and rolling, it was week 10. He had an excellent five-game stretch, but then was lost to another knee injury in week 16 which landed him on injured reserve.

Pettis has reportedly transformed his body over this offseason, which should hopefully help him avoid injury during the 2019 season. If he does, he will make a very big splash, and everyone in the fantasy world will know his name by season’s end.

Let’s take a look at some plays from 2018 that show his immense upside, and why he made the wish list.

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